Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trail Mix

Last weekend, my husband went backpacking, which requires high calorie, compact, easily transportable food and snacks.  One thing he wanted was trail mix.  Now, I could just go buy a bag of trail mix and be done, but trail mix can be quite pricey.  Instead, I set out to get the ingredients to make trail mix.

The great thing about making your own trail mix is 1) you can make it cheaper than you can buy it and 2) you can customize it.  You see, my ideal trail mix consists of M&M's, peanut butter chips, peanuts, and almonds.  Notice, it contains no raisins.  My husband, however, has different tastes.

In order to make budget-friendly trail mix, keep an eye out for sales and clearance items.  For example, I bought the peanuts and cranberries on sale and I had the M&M's on hand from Halloween clearance.

Halloween-colored M&M's: weird colors, but who really cares?  :)

Trail Mix
2 cups peanuts
3/4 cup M&M's
1/4 cup peanut M&M's
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup dried cranberries

Place desired ingredients in a bowl; mix.  Eat.

It's as simple as that!  You don't have to stick to these ingredients and proportions.  This is easily customizable to suit your preferences!!!  Get creative and have fun!


StaceyN said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow (an all day affair for me and my tribe since we have to drive an hour to find any good prices),and "snacks" are on the list. I hate shopping for snacks because they are usually expensive and rarely very healthy, but I just don't have time to make crackers and protein bars from scratch right now with a toddler and a nursling... so, your recipe comes at a perfect time. Cheap, healthy and easy! Thankyou!

BTW, if you don't already, you can make dehydrated just-add-boiling-water backpacking meals if you have a dehydrator. My hubby and big boys practically LIVE in the mountains in the summer, and I think we would be broke if we had to buy all of those premade fancy-shmancy backpacking meals LOL!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear about your backpacking recipes. I have a dehydrator. Can you share please?

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