Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Food: Beef and "Casseroles"

April’s been eating chicken for a few weeks now.  I can tell you I have definitely noticed a change in her diapers.  Fortunately God created a mother’s love stronger than the smell of a poopy diaper.

Since she has now successfully gone through all the food groups, I can start making baby “casseroles.”  Not only does this get multiple food groups in one bowl, but it also allows me to feed her from what we’re eating.

The other day I made taco salad for dinner.  Obviously, April can’t eat taco salad.  But she can eat parts of it.  I threw some black beans, corn, and chicken into the food processor attachment of my immersion blender along with some of the corn cooking liquid.  She devoured it!

April thought it was finger-lickin'-good!

One of the great things about homemade baby food is that you can tell what it is by smelling and tasting it because everything is fresh.  One sniff of April’s dinner and you’d be able to tell that it had beans and corn in it.  Not so with jarred baby food.  Keanna and I recently went to a baby shower.  We played a game where we had to smell six jars of baby food and guess what they were.  I only got one right.  Keanna put pumpkin for just about every one.  She was wrong on all of them.

This past week I introduced April to beef.  I had cooked a cross rib roast in the crock pot to make chili, so I kept some cooked meat aside for April.  I tossed it into the food processor attachment with some pasta, peas, and pea cooking liquid.

Another feeding success!

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Layne said...

I can't wait until my daughter is ready for her own "baby casseroles!" There are still a few foods that she hasn't tried isn't ready for but I'm already mentally planning how to make the dinners I already cook into something to puree up for her or make an easy baby friendly version of while I'm finishing up our dinner.

We make a lot of pasta so I'm imagining that I will have a stash of finger-friendly pasta shapes for her and spoon over the various sauces I make and VOILA, baby dinner! And before that? Pasta puree! I'm such a nerd but I love cooking for my girl!

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