Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Sunday Post? Yup! One More Tip from My Meat Manager!

As our regular readers will know, we rarely post on Sunday.  A Sunday post means there is something important that we think you need to know ASAP.  Well, that’s the case today!

If you did not read Friday’s “Getting the Most from Your Meat Counter” post, go back and read it now before you continue.

I returned to my Raley’s meat department on Friday in order to pick up my knives.  (Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Go back and read Friday’s post.)  While I was there, my amazing meat department manager told me another great money-saving tip!  He said all grocery stores are lowering the price of hams right now.  As summer approaches, demand for hams decreases.  Consequently, stores want to get rid of all those hams to make room for more summery meat (steaks, ribs….BBQ meats), so the price of hams will keep going down until the stores’ inventory of hams is cleared out.  I imagine these prices wouldn’t be advertised, as they would be dependent upon each store’s inventory.  So be sure to check next time you’re at the store.

A good-priced ham is definitely something we Near to Nothing girls can’t pass up.  You can easily get multiple meals and lunches out of one half-ham.  What can you do with a ham?  We have a few suggestions:

Oh, and my knives are wonderful!!  My utility knife sliced right through a tomato yesterday.

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