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We have found a number of websites and blogs to be very helpful in our meal planning and food preparation.

Food Network
The Pioneer Woman
Tasty Kitchen

Coupon Mom
Money Saving Mom

Coupon Databases
Coupon Mom Database
Money Saving Mom Database 

Food Safety
Good food handling procedures are important in order to protect you and your family from foodborne illnesses.  We encourage you to take some time to explore the following links and information which will help to keep your family safe.  From
Some foods are more frequently associated with food poisoning or foodborne illness. With these foods, it is especially important to:
  • CLEAN: Wash hands and food preparation surfaces often. And wash fresh fruits and vegetables carefully.
  • SEPARATE: Don't cross-contaminate!  When handling raw meat, poultry, seafood and eggs, keep these foods and their juices away from ready-to-eat foods.
  • COOK: Cook to proper temperature. See the Minimum Cooking Temperatures chart for details on cooking meats, poultry, eggs, leftovers, and casseroles.
  • CHILL: At room temperature, bacteria in food can double every 20 minutes. The more bacteria there are, the greater the chance you could become sick. So, refrigerate foods quickly because cold temperatures keep most harmful bacteria from multiplying.
General Food Safety
Minimum Cooking Temperatures
Preparing and Storing Food 
Handling Different Types of Food
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Common Cooking Conversions
Common Ingredient Substitutions
Yields of Common Ingredients
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