Friday, June 24, 2011

Chipotle Sour Cream and Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Things that are zesty:  pico de gallo, guacamole, lemons and limes, HeidiMichelle, and chipotles.  On Monday I posted about making chipotle puree.  If you missed it, go back and check it out--it's a super easy way to add zesty, smokey heat to your dishes.

The two things that I most commonly make with my chipotle puree are chipotle sour cream and chipotle ranch dressing.  I must confess that neither of these were my idea.  Some really smart person thought of it first and is making tons of money off of it.

I first saw the sour cream at Raley's and actually shelled out the $2-something for a container just to check it out.  I paid more than twice as much for this "special" sour cream than I do for plain.  The verdict?  Neither Robbie nor I were too impressed.  It had a very mild chipotle flavor--we wanted more.  So I pulled the plain sour cream out of the fridge, thawed a few chipotle cubes in the microwave, and made it myself for a fraction of the cost.  I used about four teaspoons of chipotle puree for about a cup of sour cream.  That's another bonus to making your own (besides saving money)--you can make it as mild or as zesty as you want.

Watch it!!  A few seconds is sufficient.

Knudsen also makes roasted garlic sour cream and jalapeno sour cream, either of which can be made at home in the same way.

What can you do with your homemade chipotle sour cream?  Baked potatoes, burritos, tacos, chili, quesadillas, taco salad, beans and rice, black bean soup, taco soup, veggie dip...

A few days later I was at Fresh & Easy and saw chipotle ranch dressing.  Once again, the price was way higher than I'm willing to pay.  So I went home, thawed a few chipotle cubes, and spooned them right into a half-full bottle of ranch dressing.  A few good shakes, and I saved a few dollars versus the pre-made stuff.  I added about five teaspoons of puree to about one cup of dressing.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it, but it is yummy...and zesty!!

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Heidi Michelle Click said...

I finally get to be Zesty!!! Awesome!! I really enjoy your blog, Sumiko and Kiki!! Such a great homemaking resource. Hope you both are well and I might be looking Sumiko up in September when I'm home next (gotta check the calendar when I get home.)

This really made me smile!! :)

Sumiko said...

HeidiMichelle, You've always been zesty regardless of the fact that you were never officially on the Zesty List! Definitely let me know when you are on this side of the continent! We'd love to see you!

Betsy Pierce said...

What a fun idea to flavor sour cream! I'm going to try this after I go grocery shopping this weekend (I'm out of sour cream).

And I agree, Heidi, you are definetly zesty!

Where did that joke originate? I cant remember . . . was it a sticker someone had from a soft drink? I only have a vague recollection.

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