Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Food: Watermelon and Bread

If you regularly check in on Saturdays to see what April’s eating, you probably noticed that there was no baby food post last Saturday.  I didn’t even get an “I’m sorry, I don’t have a post” post up.  My sincerest apologies.  We were very busy entertaining royalty in honor of Keanna’s 7th birthday.

To keep the party simple, we served PB&J, chips, and fruit.  I chose the fruit based on what was cheapest the few days before the party.  We ended up with watermelon and pineapple.  Watermelons will be coming in season shortly which means they will taste better and be less expensive.

Watermelon is a great fruit for babies learning to chew because it is so soft.  Even babies who do not yet have chewing teeth can mush it with their gums.  Be realistic, though, when feeding watermelon to your baby.  Because it is so juicy, it is messy.  Probably not a good idea to feed it to baby in her dress at the church picnic.  Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of April eating watermelon.  But here is one of her with Cinderella.

You can find Cinderella at her website here.

April has also been eating bread lately.  Be sure to feed baby whole grain bread so she doesn’t load up on empty calories.  I break it into little pieces and scatter them on her highchair tray.  She loves it when she gets to feed herself.

You just have to be sure to keep an eye on your baby while he or she is eating bread.  Babies don’t understand the “chew, swallow, then get more” concept.  If they put too much bread in their mouth and gum it together in a big mass, it could become a choking hazard.

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