Monday, June 13, 2011

Life with a 2-Year-Old

This weekend ended up being busier than expected, so I wasn't able to get a post done.  Therefore, in lieu of a normal post, here's a glimpse into my life! 

If you've ever wondered what one pound of baking soda (yes, it was a brand new box!) looks like on carpet, no need to wonder any longer, thanks to my 2-year-old!  I guess she decided to explore my "pantry" while I was making dinner.

I'm thankful it was just baking soda on my carpet and not the contents of that box of food coloring. :)


StaceyN said...

Ugh! So sorry Kimiko. What a miss! I can totally empathize... except my 2-year-old likes to smear his own poop rather than bakinjg soda. Hmm, maybe if we got our two little tornados together someday, mine could smear poop and yours could spill baking soda all over the mess to neutralize the smell. Then everyone would be happy, right??

Hang in there, mama... they can't stay 2 forever :-)!

mama said...

What would life be like without these memorable moments? Even if we're not laughing at that very moment, we know down the road each incident will bring many laughs and the stories will be retold the rest of that child's life. Plus, you have something to tell her children and grandchildren about her. Great to document these events since the brain can't seem to remember them all down the road.

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