Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Yummies!

So I went to add the photos to my sloppy joe post for today and realized that they are stored on Robbie's laptop which he has with him.  So I will add them later and get that up for tomorrow.

I thought for today I'd let you know what's on today's menu for our house.  Today Keanna's class is celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday, and I was in charge of brownies.  I sent her with a tray full of Kimiko's dark chocolate brownies (pictured above).

For breakfast, I made the boys train toast.  I didn't want to make eggs, so they just had the toast with some jelly and oranges.  In this case I toasted the bread on the stove then cut out the shapes.

Robbie will find chicken and loaded stuffing in his lunch (along with a brownie I snagged from Keanna's tray).

We will be having dinner with our church community group tonight.  I am making a huge pot of spaghetti sauce.

Someone else is making garlic bread and Caesar salad.

We'd like to know what's on your menu tonight!  Please leave a comment and let us know!


Steve and Evie Wesner said...

Brown-Suger & Ginger glazed Salmon along with home baked fries and a pile Rich-Man's Salad:-)

Beth said...

We're having Beef Stew with Sourdough Bread on the side.

Jennifer Scott said...

Tonight on our family's dinner menu is bean and cheese burritos with guac (I have two beautiful avacados waiting to be consumed) and fresh cut up tomatoes...and a lil' dollop of sour cream perhaps. Thanks to your post on crock potting dried beans. Which I have never done and it was so simple. You took whatever apprehension I had towards dried beans and made it go away! I made the fat free version which smells simply delicious. Then with the rest I will be making the bean & cheese burritos to freeze! Thanks so much! I am new to this blog and have just been checking it out the past few days and I love it!

Martha A. said...

Chili taco bowls...vegetables and dip

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