Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Food: Peas and Corn

April made it through the cereals, now on to veggies!!  The first two I made for her were peas and corn.  No reason for picking those other than I already had them in my freezer.  Some people will tell you to use a food mill to prepare peas and corn because it will remove the outer skins.  If you have a good food processor or immersion blender there is really no reason to remove them.  I simply cook the veggies on the stove or in the microwave then puree them in the food processor (or immersion blender attachment).

Perfectly smooth for the Boon spoon.

As I mentioned in my post about sautéing and roasting vegetables, nutrients are lost any time you cook vegetables in water.  The great thing about making baby food, is that you can use the cooking liquid to thin down the purée to the proper consistency and add those nutrients back in.  Peas will need a lot of added liquid; corn will not need very much.

I'm on my fourth baby.  My first three loved veggies right from the start.  Even at six-years-old, Keanna loves green beans and broccoli.  It appears April is just as enthusiastic about her veggies as my others were.

"Let me help you, Mommy."

"Can't we go any faster?"

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Scott said...

So sweet! April is growing so fast, enjoy your time with her and the rest of your gang. mariam

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