Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Old PB&J

Some things just shouldn’t be:

Pre-made peanut butter and jelly?!?  Oh, I get it—there are no crusts and the contents are sealed inside for a less-mess kid lunch.  Voila!  The Pampered Chef’s Cut-N-Seal (available here):

Yes, I costs $9.00 (plus tax, shipping, and handling).  But I can make crustless PB&J for a fraction of the cost ($0.25 each) of the store-bought version ($0.62 each).  If your kids are buying these at school, I guarantee you’re paying even more.  In the end, the Cut-N-Seal pays for itself in five easy steps:

Step 1:  Spread two slices of bread with peanut butter—putting peanut butter on both sides will keep the jelly from making the bread soggy.  Note:  unfortunately, white bread and wheat bread seal better than whole wheat bread.

Step 2:  Spread jelly on top of peanut butter on one side; put two halves together.

Step 3:  Press outer edges of Cut-N-Seal into sandwich to cut off excess (save extra bread for croutons or bread crumbs).

Step 4:  Press down crimper to seal edges.

Step 5:  Remove crustless sandwich from middle of bread.

But wait!!  The store-bought ones are really convenient because they are frozen—they last a long time, are individually wrapped, and are so easy to pack in school lunches!

Step 6:  Place sandwich in zip-top bag or wrap in plastic wrap and store in freezer.  In the morning, I simply pull one out of the freezer and put it in my daughter's lunch box.  By lunch time, it has thawed and is ready to eat!

Have a great school year!!


Crystal Malek said...

Wow, I never thought to try and make sealed sandwiches before! Those uncrustables are horribly expensive for what you're getting. I found another sandwich sealer that uses more of the bread HERE. I think I'll make a bunch and freeze for easy and quick lunches. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about how to get this to work withwhole wheat bread. Do you think using white for the top piece and whole wheat for the bottom piece would work well?

Sumiko said...

Thanks, Crystal for the link to the KrustBuster!!

Secondinaseriesofsix, as far as whole wheat bread, I've never had much luck with these. Whole wheat bread doesn't have as much gluten as white bread so does not stick to itself as well. I can't say I've tried every type of whole wheat bread, though. My sister told me Orowheat whole wheat bread tends to be softer than others and may work. She gets hers at Wal-Mart for a reasonable price. If you are able to get whole wheat bread to work, please let us know!!

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