Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Glimpse of Real Life

I don't know about you, but I often look at other bloggers and think they have everything in order and under control...all the time.  Well, we here at Near to Nothing are keeping it real by letting you in on little glimpses of our very real, very normal, and very not-all-put-together lives!

Have you ever made one of those meals where it seems like you've used every dish, utensil, and ingredient in your kitchen?  I made one of those a couple nights ago.  Now, my kitchen is very small to begin with, so it doesn't take much to make it look messy, but this is a bit extreme.   I guess I need to learn that technique called "cleaning as you go."

And don't worry, it's all cleaned up now!


Crystal Malek said...

Loving your blog! Clicked over from Piper's site. I think we have the same kitchen! And I am desperately trying to do the "clean as you go" thing. Makes a world of difference when I do, but unfortunately, that hardly happens. Sure feels good when it's done, though!

Kimiko said...

Welcome to Near to Nothing!! Glad you stopped by!

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