Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Burritos!!

I love burritos!!  There are many ways to fill a burrito:  beef, pork, chicken, beans, rice….  Not to mention all the possible topping combinations:  cheese, sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, olives….

Five days ago (July 24), I started making my new favorite kind of burrito:  baby burritos!!  The filling is 9 pounds, 2 ounces of April Lily.

The hardest part about making baby burritos is wrapping them tight enough so the filling doesn’t leak out.  The key is to start with a large, woven “tortilla.”  Many tortillas that are labeled “swaddling blankets” are made of knit fabric and/or are too small—avoid these when making baby burritos.

First, fold the tortilla in half, corner to corner, and lay it out on a flat surface.

Place your burrito filling in the center of the resulting triangle, with just a little spilling out the top.

Using one hand, secure the loose parts of the filling.

With the other hand, tightly fold the right side of the tortilla over the filling.  It is imperative to get this fold tight or the filling will not stay in.

Roll the contents of your burrito on its side and tuck the end underneath.

Firmly fold the bottom of the tortilla over filling.

Lastly, tightly fold the left side of the tortilla over and around to complete the baby burrito.

While this is the only filling I am currently using for these types of burritos, any filling from newborn to a few months old will do.  In the past I have successfully made these with other fillings.

Keanna Dawn Baby Burrito

Lukas Gregory and Koda Titus Baby Burritos


Kristin said...

That was so cute, Sumiko!
Rejoicing with you guys!!!

Kimberly said...

Toooooooo cute! Thanks for the laughs and adorable pictures! LOVING your blog! And you are going to have multiple thousands of readers here soon. My sister-in-law just posted on her blog about it. That means your sister's siter-in-law's sister-in law is spreading the news. :) Good stuff!

Jill Pullen said...

She's precious!!!

Jen in SLO said...

So cute! The baby and the post! Congratulations. :)

Sandy said...

Congratulations!!! Your post was HILARIOUS and ADORABLE!!! We are SO happy for you all!!

JRM said...

Congratulations! What a great way to announce your arrival. And we call that baby burrito, too. Unfortunately it's somehow gotten intertwined with Raffi's "Baby Beluga", which I've never heard in its entirety. So I just sing "Baaaaay-beeeee burrrrrrr-riiiiiiitoo, baaaaaaay-beeee burrrrr-ritooo" over and over until I can't take it any more or someone makes me stop. (Pregnancy hormones warp my brain.)

Sumiko said...

I also sing "Baby Burrito" to the tune of "Baby Beluga"!! (I've never heard the original either.) It just fits so well.

Claudia said...

That is my favorite type of burrito! Your baby girl is so precious. I love the blog, and have gotten some good ideas already. Congratulations!

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