Monday, March 21, 2011

Emily's Tea Party Fruit Punch

We don’t drink juice or soda in our house on a regular or even semi-regular basis.  That’ll have to be an entirely separate post.  I only buy juice or soda for special occasions, and only some special occasions at that.  A few weekends ago it was Robbie’s birthday, so I decide to make punch to go with our special birthday dinner.  I decided to go with Emily's tea party fruit punch.

A few weeks before Christmas, my friend Emily hosted a Christmas tea party.  While we did have a wide selection of teas from which to choose, she also had a delicious fruit punch.  I liked it and knew Robbie would love it so I asked her for the recipe.  The problem was, I only wrote it down mentally.  Ha!  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m still high on nursing hormones and am still experiencing pregnancy brain.  So of course I forgot the ingredients.  I did remember that she had mixed two types of juice concentrates and something fizzy.

Last month when I was hosting my Near to Nothing Pampered Chef party, I wanted to make her punch.  I sent her a message via the internet to get the exact ingredients.  Unfortunately, her response to me got lost in cyberspace.  So without her recipe, I guessed, using the parts of the recipe I did remember.  I ended up with a completely different punch, but still very good.

I will give both recipes here, starting with Emily’s original.  Both juices she used were Old Orchard 100% juice frozen concentrates (12 oz. each).  She served it in a pretty dispensing jar with ice and pomegranate seeds mixed in—it looked great!

Note:  when I bought the ingredients to take the photos for this post, they didn’t have apple cranberry so I substituted apple raspberry.  Take home lesson:  just mix two juices and add something fizzy.

Emily’s Fruit Punch
1 can apple cranberry juice concentrate
1 can apple cherry juice concentrate
6 cans club soda

Mix all ingredients in large pitcher.  Yield:  3 quarts  Cost:  about $3

If you don’t have a pitcher or beverage container for a full batch, just halve it.  All the photos here are of a half recipe.  And don’t worry about measuring to get exactly half a can of each—just eyeball it.  I poured roughly half of one juice in the pitcher, then filled the bottle full with the other juice.  Now I have one pre-mixed, ready to go in the fridge.  I then poured the remainder of the second juice into the pitcher and used that bottle to measure the soda.

I used Langer’s frozen juice concentrates (11.5 oz. each) and diet lemon lime soda.  I chose to use diet because the juice already has a lot of sugar.

Sumiko’s Fruit Punch
1 can apple juice concentrate
1 can kiwi strawberry juice concentrate
6 cans diet lemon lime soda

Mix all ingredients in large pitcher.  Yield:  3 quarts  Cost:  about $3

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Kiefler said...

A staple in my house growing up was "lappleade" which was born out of necessity one time. We wanted to make a gallon of juice, but were down to one container of lemonade, and one of apple juice.

We tried it, and it was good enough that it stuck around.

Depending on your preference, the apple juice sweetens and takes the edge off the lemonade, or the lemonade adds some kick to the apple juice.

(We didn't add fizzy surprises...)

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