Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Kids' Chore Chart

To Do Chore Chart

As I was evaluating where most of my wasted time and energy go, I realized it was in telling the kids to do things that need to be done on a regular basis. I needed a chore chart. I needed one that I could change as our needs changed, but I didn't want to have to keep printing them every week. And my kids are masters at losing papers.

After browsing Pinterest, I came up with a color-coded magnetic chore chart.

Each kid has chores for morning (before school/church/leaving the house), afternoon, and evening (before bed). This is great for helping the little ones keep track of what needs to be done when.

Kids' Chore Chart

I color-coded the pieces so they don't get mixed up. I also made a few black chore pieces for the chores that get rotated (feeding the bunny, sweep the dining room, etc.). 

Once a chore is done, the piece is moved from the "To Do" board to the "Done" board.

Kids' Chore Chart

I found the white framed magnetic chalkboards at Target for about $10 (they were about $20 at another local Target). I don't see them on their website.

I made the chore pieces with the following supplies that I ordered from Amazon.com:
DIY Chore Chart Supplies

Using hot glue, I attached one magnet to each wooden circle. At this point, I spray painted them. I recommend painting after adding the magnets so they don't stick to the surface you are spray painting on.

When the paint was dry, I added the labels I had printed using the web-based template on Avery's website. I went ahead and created an account so I can reprint any time I need to. The labels didn't stick to April's sparkly glitter pieces, so I added two layers of Mod Podge.

After I had made all the pieces, I recruited my super talented husband to do the lettering.

Since implementing this chore chart, all I need to say is "Check the chart." And at a quick glance, I can see who hasn't done what. This has definitely streamlined those stressful parts of the day.

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