Monday, July 25, 2011

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies

These are some of the easiest cookies you'll ever make (and probably one of the easiest recipes to memorize, too!)!  The reason: there are only THREE ingredients in them.  Take a minute.  I'll let you try to guess what they are.  Got it?  When I told my husband there were only three ingredients in them, he couldn't figure out what the three ingredients were, and once I told him what the three were, he didn't believe me....until I made another batch so he could see (hmmm...was this just a clever ploy on his part to get an extra batch of cookies????).  From the title of this post, you can probably guess one typical cookie ingredient that ISN'T in these cookies.  My parents were visiting last week and I had a batch of these cookies.  We used to make them as kids, but had totally forgotten about the recipe so my mom asked for it.  Here you go, mom!

Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl, combine the peanut butter, sugar, and egg; mix well.  Roll dough into approximately 1-inch balls.  Place on cookie sheet and flatten each ball with the prongs of a fork.

Bake for 8-10 minutes.  They took a few minutes longer in my oven, so just keep an eye on them.  Allow to cool a couple minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Sorry, I would have a picture of them plated nicely, but they didn't last long enough!!!  I would also like to have a picture of a baked one broken, so you can see that, yes, these actually do have the texture and consistency of a normal cookie!


Bapa said...

I ate these at Kimiko's home; she had some leftover peanut butter filling for a cake and I spread that on top of the cookies...Peanut Butter Heaven.

mama said...

They were the best tasting peanut butter cookies I've had in a long, long time! I think I'll make them for Dogs4Diabetics graduation in November!!

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