Saturday, September 11, 2010

Iron Skillet Follow-up: Lids and a Great Sale!

On Wednesday I posted about iron skillets.  Both Kimiko and I mentioned that we love our iron skillets but wish they had come with lids.  My old friend Paul read that and referred me to this site where you can buy cast iron lids!  The 10” lid is only $10!!

Unfortunately, they don’t carry a 12” lid, so I searched around and found a great deal being offered by Lodge right now.  September 10-27, Lodge is having a 20% off sale for selected products including 10¼” and 12” glass covers!  That makes them $16.95 and $20.95, respectively.  The sale also includes skillets, deep skillets, and Dutch ovens, all with lids, as well as a reversible stove-top griddle.  If you’re looking for iron cookware, now is a great time to buy.


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