Friday, June 1, 2012

Rose and Mint Ice Cubes

Mint leaves and rose petals in ice cubes in lemonade

This past weekend we celebrated Keanna’s 8th birthday with a princess tea party!

My precious babe is eight already!

We had cute little cucumber sandwiches, ham and cheese wraps, chocolate-dipped fruit, and deviled eggs.  To drink, we had tea and lemonade.

Robbie made the lemonade this year.  It was so good!  (You can find our recipe here.  And also be sure to check out our strawberrylemonade recipe.)  And since it was a princess tea party, I wanted to do something extra special when serving the lemonade—rose and mint ice cubes!

All you do is stick a rose petal or mint leaf in your ice cubes before freezing them—it’s that easy!

As far as the flowers and leaves go, you don’t have to stick with rose and mint.  Just about any edible petal or leaf will do.  Edible flowers include carnations, geraniums, marigolds, roses, pansies, nasturtium, white clover, red clover, and dandelion.  For leaves, think herbs:  sage, mint, and lavender.

One thing to be cautious about is pesticides or herbicides.  Be sure your petals and leaves haven’t been treated with anything that can be harmful if consumed.  I get my rose petals and mint leaves from our own front yard.  We do not spray our garden with anything other than soapy water because we feed our tortoise from it.

Also be sure to wash your petals and leaves before putting them into the ice cube trays.  You can either use produce wash or a few drops of dish soap in a large bowl full of cold water.  Rinse them thoroughly.

Rapunzel gave an etiquette lesson.  If you are in the East
Bay and would like a princess to go to your party, you can
find her at Little Princess Wishes.

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