Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coupon Resources

One way I save money on groceries is by using coupons. With coupons, I'm often able to buy brand name products cheaper than the store brand or even free. When I first started couponing, it was a bit overwhelming and took a while for me to figure out what method worked best for me.

The total cost for these groceries was 95 cents with coupons!

Regardless of what method you choose, patience is the key to couponing. To maximize the value of your coupons, it is important to pair them up with a sale. That means you don't run out and use your coupons right after you get them. Instead, you hold on to them until there's a sale on those items for which you have coupons. Searching through the ads each week and keeping track of what coupons you have can be a daunting and time consuming task. Thankfully there are plenty of online resources that do the work for you! is a free site that compiles the grocery sales and matches them up with coupons for many grocery stores in the country. Simply click on "Grocery Deals" at the top of the page. Money Saving Mom is another great resource for matching coupons and sales. You can find a list of all the grocery stores she matches here. I would encourage you to browse those two websites, as they both offer tips and techniques for couponing. I will be writing about coupon organization methods at a later time.
After sales, coupons, and rebates, the total for this purchase was $1.90.

Additionally, there are many blogs that post great online deals and freebies. Money Saving Mom is one of them, but there are many others, including The Frugal Find, My Frugal Adventures, and Mojo Savings. These websites talk about saving money in general, in addition to saving money at the grocery store. If you are new to coupons, is a great free site for printing coupons. For those in Canada looking for money saving sites, check out Smart Canucks, Frugal Shopper Canada, and Freemania.

Many of the sites listed above post freebies and samples. I sign up for as many freebies and samples as I can, because 1) I get products (sometimes full-sized) for free; and 2) the samples often come with high value coupons. One piece of advice I have before signing up for freebies is to create a junk email address. Most freebies require you to give your email address, and creating a separate one just for that will prevent any junk email from filling up your normal email inbox.

I got all these freebies in my mailbox one day. 4 Wheat Thins packs, 3 Vanilla Caramel Latte packets, a coupon for a free jar of olive oil mayonnaise, and a coupon for free cream cheese.

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